Moroccan Pouf | Ottoman Brown on Brown
Moroccan Pouf | Ottoman Brown on Brown
Moroccan Pouf | Ottoman Brown on Brown
Moroccan Pouf | Ottoman Brown on Brown
Soft Gray - Maison Morocco

Moroccan Pouf | Ottoman Brown on Brown

Maison Morocco
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A brown on brown  that styles well with pretty much any room, this pouf will truly be an amazing addition to your home.

Masterfully Handmade 
Handcrafted to the finest by our expert artisans, this craft is a family tradition and is passed down from generations with quality of stitching, the experience and expertise. 
The build is of high quality which means it is build to last. Our ottomans are durable and will last you a long time which will end up saving you money. 

Multi-Functional - Many Use Cases:
Exotic Decor / Accent piece 
Additional seating for any room
A relaxing footrest 
Coffee Table - tray with drinks for yourself or guests

Perfect For Any Room
Living Room
Play Rooms
Dining room

Ethically Handmade in Morocco
Size: 21 in x 13 in
Material: 100% Sustainable Sourced Genuine Leather 
Feature: Bottom Zipper for convenient stuffing
Not Filled with a weight of approximately 0.7 kg
Care: Spot clean with damp cloth

Leather and Tannery
Leather techniques proprietary to Maison Morocco
Leather Type: Goat leather.
Tanning Process: Tanned using natural vegetable agents, no harsh chemicals are used during the process! Our tanneries promote sustainability and are Eco-friendly

The poufs are brand new , straight from our artisans, due to the nature of handcraftsmanship, imperfections are normal, unique and beautiful. Each pouf is specially made for you. Please note, there may be a slight colour difference from the photo and the actual product due to leather tanning process or the settings on your computer or mobile device. The colour consistency will be unique to each pouf since everything is done by hand, which is what makes the leather pouf so special. 

We don’t bring them in filled so you can save money. Stuff poufs are more expensive due to added weight in shipping. You save money because stuffing them is easy and free if you use any old fabrics, cloths such as clothes, sheets, towels, blankets, etc   Please Note:


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