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Currently we are evaluating and brainstorming different endeavors to include in Project Love. Depending on the success of the company , the more we can invest in the communities which would mean the greater the impact. 

Main Priorities In Regards to our Road Map. 

Perhaps the most important part of this project will be the focus on education. The idea would be to focus on fields which would benefit the next generation along with the local communities and the economy for advancement. 

Current Ideas

Tech school

Education centre to teach programming to kids which would educate the work force for future demand in skills. Programming will be crucial as new technology plays an increasing role and the world moving towards the digital space. 

Programming brings other skills which include thinking and inquiry , problem solving and comprehension. 

The language of choice we feel is right will be Python. Depending on our success as a company we can grow this segment by offering courses for other languages outside of Python such as Ruby On Rails, PHP, Java,etc. Currently the goal would be to open a python training course for kids to master the language at a young age and hopes to really liberate their futures!

Trade School
Morocco's textile industry is currently under developed but with incredible potential with it's skilled labor. We see there is a lot of advancement in this industry. The innovative minds in Morocco can certainly take Moroccos textile designs to new heights. The trade schools goal would be setup so this potential would be reached. The school would include developing tomorrows expert artisans from leather crafts to textiles. 

Incubator for Innovations in the Textile Industry
We feel theirs a lot of creative talent that can be harnessed from the next generation of kids. Cultivating these ideas and creating the mindset of creativity and entrepreneurship will help the country and in the industry. The incubator can be a hub for many things , brainstorming new design ideas and helping groups launch their own products. Providing seed capital for start ups with designs and plans that have strong potential, also assisting new projects or consulting design teams on how in get their product out to market. 

inspired by dezeen.com


Some of the communities are in isolated areas where internet coverage is non  existent. This is certainly a challenge, one way of solving this issue would be to work with government and big telecom operators to extend network coverage into these areas. As the skills involving the internet economy become more important by the day, it is important to begin modernising critical infrastructure towards communities that do no have access to the basics. 

We will posting more ideas soon. 



Small Manufacturing Hubs 
Some communities still weave rugs outside due to unavailable indoor facilities available for the weavers or the artisans. The goal would be build a small facility where local artisans can produce goods and sell to merchants. Eventually facilities would be upgraded as the project becomes sustainable and profitable. This facility would also act as internship for the new generations to learn the skills required within the trade. This not only promotes local industry but the skillful craftsmanship remains part of the local community/economy and passed down to future generations.