Shipping & Returns

 Below is our shipping and return FAQ sheet along with policies


Do you ship to USA ?

Enjoy FREE shipping along with guaranteed zero customs or duty charges!

Enjoy competitive shipping times,where expected delivery to be 2-4 business days, depending on the State you reside in there will be times shipping can be 2-7 business days.


Do You Ship to Canada ? 

For our Canadian customers, we ship from Toronto! guaranteed zero customs or duty charges! 


How much does shipping cost ? 

Enjoy Free Shipping across USA and Canada


Will I get charged customs or duties ? 

If you are living in the USA or Canada we guarantee zero custom or duty charges! 

If you are living in Europe , Middle East, Asia or Oceana , customs or duty charges are possible. Customs and duties will be the responsibility of the buyer. 


How long will it take for my item to arrive? 

Estimate Shipping Times are as followed.

2-4 Business Days - Majority of the time, shipping to USA will fall between 2-4 business days. Please note, just an FYI there will be times where shipping can fall between 2-8 business days. 

2-8 Business Days - If you are living in Ontario or Quebec, expect it to arrive faster as we do ship from Toronto! for our valued Canadian customers in Western Canada , 2-8 Business days is very accurate delivery time. 


5-20 Business Days - This varies! From our experience shipping to this part of the world is quite unpredictable, we have had occasions where it arrives in 6 business days, and we have had other moments where delivery happens in 19 - 20 business days. 


Can I have my item arrive faster? 

We can arrange to use expedited shipping, however there are extra fees associated outside of our shipping rates. We can work with you to try and come up with a solution. 


Anything else I should know about shipping?

All items over 30 Kgs must be delivered via air freight -- please inquire for a shipping quote. 


Are Shipments insured? 

All items are shipped insured.


Can I return or Exchange my item? 

We gladly accept returns within 30 days of purchase, if you would like to exchange a product because it is defective or if you are not satisfied with your purchase, no need to worry we will cover the shipping fee for exchanges! 

Important: shipping fees for returns are to be paid by the buyer.