Corinna's Bohemian Abode in Virginia

Hello everyone! We are back with another feature for our blog post, we love to share different home designs and themes so you can get inspired! We take these examples for all the décor enthusiasts out there by showcasing how some of the lovely people have used our Moroccan poufs to style their spaces. With this months feature, we take a look at Corinna’s place in Virginia, a beautiful, boho vibrant home filled with color, character and personality!  We are proud to say Corinna's home also features our caramel Moroccan pouf (Embroidery + model).

moroccan pouf bohemian

We love plants and adding plants to your overall design theme is always a win, plants add great energy and promotes a peaceful emotions. Corinna has a wonderful layout, in addition, the beautiful rug provides a vibrant color , and our Moroccan pouf sits wonderfully complementing the design theme while adding Earthy tones and texture. 

moroccan pouf footstool boho

Moroccan poufs are very versatile and can snuggle in many home décor themes and they really are a great way to add texture and intricate embroidery. Moroccan poufs are a perfect way to fit those additional elements into your space, and as mentioned, you can add Moroccan ottomans to most home décor themes depending on how you fit your space whether it be traditional, mid-century modern, contemporary, etc. 

leather moroccan pouf deco boho

This is a gorgeous viewpoint of the living room which really displays it all, the braided coffee table paired with our leather Moroccan pouf makes up the center pieces which combines really well with the braided wall décor. The leather and wooden texture provides the natural earthy makeup is paired wonderfully with this vibrant rug! Lets not forget the cozy sofa 


brown moroccan pouf table tray

Absolutely love how this photo captures our Moroccan pouf being as a small coffee table, place your drinks , cozy up and relax! 


moroccan pouf boho decor

moroccan pouf blue rug

We mentioned how versatile the leather Moroccan poufs can be with different colours and styles. This a great example, here our leather Moroccan pouf comfortably styles well with this vintage blue rug. In addition, a great example in mixing up the textures and mixing and matching. 


brown moroccan pouf table

More examples showcasing the different color combinations along with textures. Corinna's bohemian home is full of color and personality, and is really soulful! 

brown tan leather moroccan pouf

For more of this bohemian style home check our Corrina's Instagram! We love this home, it's full of personality, It's fun, collected, and 100% her which is something we should all strive for


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