Nicole's Modern Boho Home in New York featuring our Light Caramel Brown Moroccan Pouf | Ottoman

 Hi everyone! we are happy to be back from our hiatus due to the Covid19 pandemic, we hope everyone is out there keeping safe and healthy! 

Maison Morocco will be back to doing our features on some wonderful interior decorators and designers who added our Moroccan poufs in their space. Our latest feature is Nicole! Modern clean vintage home, if you love her look you can find more inspiration from Nicole ! be sure to check her Instagram @sweet_domicile


tan brown moroccan pouf
Take a look at Nicole's gorgeous home in New York, a modern clean mix with a combination of vintage elements.  Nicole's home features a nice combination of different texture and natural Earthy tones combined for a clean modern look! The different textures add personality , the Moroccan ottoman is a great way to add leather texture to your room while complimenting other materials! Just another design advantage or versatility that comes with adding a leather ottoman, especially a Moroccan ottoman which adds that exotic inner traveler touch.
tan brown moroccan pouf in living room

We love the array of textures here,  we feel it adds personality , and its a great example for anyone looking to recreate the combo ! Metal finishes with warm undertones, mixing leather material with metal finishing, they work so well together.

tan brown leather moroccan pouf ottoman

 " I definitely find inspiration from the ocean. I'm drawn to neutral tones but always with a touch of blue" ~ Nicole

leather moroccan pouf in living room

"Don't be afraid to mix earthy elements with modern pieces like metal. Neutral furniture allows you to add pops of color in throw pillows or blankets. Add plants for a touch of green and to bring in nature" ~ Nicole 

brown moroccan pouf home


Here is a great example of balance, use distance to determine how subtle of a visual weight you would like to achieve. Spacing and distance is so key, it's important not too squeeze out air but to provide ample balance and breathing room! Ottomans and tables spread out nicely, providing a stage for each decorative piece! 
moroccan pouf caramel brown leather

Currently, we noticed there's a trend with designers incorporating natural, raw elements into home decor and design. Raw elements including leather, and this case that brings the Moroccan pouf into the fold. The incorporation of these natural raw materials meshes well with neutral color palettes and the emphasis on texture within fabrics. Weaving them throughout a home can add warmth, feelings of nature, and comforting textures to any style. Accent with natural materials like an ottoman will do the job. 
moroccan pouf ottoman leather caramel brown
brown moroccan pouf interior decor
choose items that heavily contrast. When they come together, they will bring a sense of harmony to the space. A carefully placed rug or even some mixture of patterns will bring tons of depth to the room.
leather floor pillow moroccan pouf
Versatility, the Moroccan pouf slots right in as the perfect foot stool, readings by the fireplace on cold winter nights. And once you are finished you can slot it in right under table where it adds a nice exotic mix! 
moroccan pouf fireplace home decor


Our genuine Moroccan ottoman made with high quality leather is a statement maker and comes together with numerous styles for interior designers.


  • Hi Ashley , we hope to have this back in stock by the end of the month! please send us an email at and we can reserve you one!

    Thank You ~ Aicha | Maison Morocco

    (Aicha) Maison Morocco
  • Hi, when will you be getting this light tan pouf back in stock ?

  • Beautiful home Nicole !


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