Elicia's Beautiful Bohemian Styled Home in Virginia -Featuring our Caramel Moroccan Pouf | Ottoman

Owning a high-quality leather Moroccan ottoman can bring both style and character into your home, we take a look at Elicia's gorgeous home with a boho vintage touch and how she decorated her living space with our popular caramel brown leather Moroccan pouf !




An open layout provides easy visual of the beautiful Earthy bohemian styled design theme, the vibrant red rug, the array of brown shades with a beautiful combination of different materials, elements, earthy tones and a mix of patterns ! The Moroccan pouf sits well in this space and is a great example on how you can style or compliment your living room which has vibrant bohemian elements!



moroccan pouf caramel ottoman leather home decor


Plants are a fantastic way to add additional colour while at the same time providing energy and calming moods through the room. The array of earthy tones from the leather on the Moroccan pouf to the wooden shelves, the lit fire place, and the arabesque styled mirror offers a striking partnership that provides aesthetically pleasing results.


moroccan pouf caramel ottoman maison morocco home decor bedroom


Staying in Elicia’s bedroom for a moment, she added an extra layer of drama, include an eye-catching and vintage styled red rug into the vision. Browns go very well with bright colors, such as orange, yellow, and red, working together with the plants to harmonize her bedroom. Imagine waking up every morning and being able to start your day positive by seeing the vibrancy like Elicia does.


moroccan pouf ottoman caramel brown leather



Subtle, yet eye-popping, the caramel brown Moroccan ottoman works exceptionally well in multi-toned rooms like Elicia’s, giving it a unique feel that also promotes relaxation. 


moroccan pouf ottoman caramel brown leather


moroccan pouf ottoman caramel brown leather

Moroccan poufs work beautifully when matched with area rugs, furniture, and many other home accessories, really complementing the trendy yet elegant appeal in Elicia’s living room space. The vibrant red carpet with the mix of exciting patterns from the throw pillows and the leather ottoman sets the tone that illuminates dazzling detail in the living room.

moroccan pouf ottoman caramel brown leather


Lovely earthy, warm tones and textures on display, the vintage boho vibes provides a warm set of cozy! The Moroccan poufs show versatility and really make great foot stools!  Moroccan ottomans also provide function along with a spark to make a statement. The brown tones, the wood, and the leather all work to create an inviting setup. The ottoman design compliments the rest of the décor to stand out in delight. Even if you do not have a wood-toned theme in your home, a caramel brown ottoman will still be able to add the final touches to make it something your guests will admire. 


moroccan pouf ottoman caramel brown leather

We love natural light and I am sure you do too! When you have an open space with windows, natural light will permeate across the home and it really brings out features such as the different patterns and designs and adds serenity...a calming force. We love how the high-quality leather lights up as the sun comes through, bringing life and vibrancy to the living room.  
moroccan pouf ottoman caramel brown leather


Practical, eclectic, and statement-making, Moroccan poufs are becoming more popular for interior designing, appearing in homes now more than ever before.


Elicia has been able to demonstrate how diverse this particular caramel brown Moroccan pouf is. She has shown that it is ideal for all room styles and types, and for anyone who wants to enhance the interior of their home. People love the cozy element it adds to their living room and bedrooms and how well it matches with the existing décor. Feel free to be innovative, mix and match, style with different patterns and textures!

The options are endless because the truth is that this ottoman can work anywhere, giving you the utmost freedom and flexibility to do with it as you wish. No matter which room you want to upgrade with Moroccan décor, you can solidify your confidence that the caramel brown Moroccan pouf is exactly what your home has been missing. 

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  • Eli is, awesome looks! Your house is so cozy and homey! Love it, so Many great ideas for using that moroccan ottoman. Thanks for sharing!

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