Luxury Property Management


Why Choose Maison Morocco
Maison Morocco boasts an excellent reputation built on a determination to provide innovative, high quality property management service resulting in peace of mind to our clients. We specialise in managing luxury properties in Marrakech to provide a specified tailored experience. Contact:


Let Maison Morocco Luxury Property Management Services manage and maintain your luxury property in Marrakech. Our team full of experts will ensure you with the highest quality in regular property inspection, tenant management, preventative maintenance, property cleaning, property security, property re-modelling/renovation. 

Our services in overlooking your property 

  • Property Inspection
  • Tenant Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Security
  • Re-modelling / Renovation 


Property Inspection

Property Inspection will investigate and scrutinise the state of your luxury property and ensure you property is always flawless and pristine. 


Tenant Management

Our team will thoroughly vet prospective tenants using 3rd party partnerships to background check individuals in hopes your property is in good hands, with access to global listings, your property will be substantially marketed to tailored clients. Tenant management will include managing payment of funds and scheduling of

Preventative Maintenance

Property maintenance is necessary, and arranging it can be time-consuming and tricky. We consult with you to calendarize all maintenance in advance. Whether it's grass cutting or furnace inspections, or perhaps more specialized work like tending to a wine cellar, we customize the maintenance plan to your needs. Whatever the special instructions, we give you peace of mind that your property is taken care of. 



Each property complexity or building may have unique security needs, based on location, clientele, and other factors. To address variable security needs across one or more properties, property managers should rely on proven security solutions

Re-Model And Renovation

Due to our unique position as a company, we have extensive contacts within numerous industries to provide you with the most quality materials at competitive prices for your next property renovation. Sit back and relax and let us manage your renovation project while at the same time we manage your property.