"Passion and Commitment"



From the heart of the ancient city Marrakech, Morocco, the Maison Morocco brand was born with the vision to represent Morocco's talented team of artisans onto the world stage by providing exceptional quality goods and a evolving mindset to innovate traditional craftsmanship into modern pieces. This is the next generation and our evolving mindset to truly show the world what fine craftsmanship and high quality looks like with the "Made in Morocco" label. 



Our brand embodies preservation and support of traditions in craftsmanship but also implementing modern elements and new pieces to showcase high quality Moroccan style. Our processes and future are in partnership with our Earth, nature and a goal to use sustainable sources of materials to achieve quality at the highest level. Maison Morocco will offer a wide range of timeless pieces in addition new ideas including handmade goods in home decor , lifestyle and fashion.



Our products are handmade by experienced and a passionate community of artisans who are paid above market wages. We do not carry anything that is mass-produced in a large factory where workers may be treated poorly , our products are created with the help of communities, a sustainable and locally sourced supply chain and an endeavor to invest in our future generation to provide healthy and culturally rich products, which represents the best of the artisan whose work is a labor of empowerment, not of servitude.