High Quality Moroccan Style

Maison Morocco is a high quality only zone! we strive to ensure the products we sell meet quality standards that will guarantee satisfaction with our valued customers. 

Every company tends to say this but what makes us different from the other companies selling Moroccan goods? 

The biggest reason is we have control from A-Z when it comes to our product quality life cycle. We have a great relationship with our artisans, and our artisans are amazing! They do give us their word the product they make are high quality and we absolutely believe them! But to have more control, my brother in law Jamal who is a partner at Maison Morocco has 18 years of experience in supply chain and is an expert within the textile industry . Jamal will perform a final quality control check before sending the goods internationally to ensure customers are getting the highest quality of goods.  

Jamal is based in Marrakech and controls our operations there, and we leverage this. Not only does this enhance our quality standards on our products but it also provides us with excellent relationships with artisans. This control gives us complete confidence in what we are selling and this is why we can provide satisfaction guarantees. 

Some companies out there may offer this similar arrangement but not a lot, majority of the companies out there are buying it from re-sellers who actually skip quality control checks especially if they are dealing with a high volume of products as quality control can be time consuming. Not the case with us! 

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