The Beauty of Moroccan Leather

Why Moroccan Leather Is Exceptional

Leather industry in Morocco primarily uses the skins of goats hence "Goat Leather" but also skins are available including cow and camels. 

It is truly a mastered ancient craft originating in the historic and mythical city of Fez.The methods used in the tanning process are still in some ways still rooted back to as far as six centuries!

Interesting fun fact, some of these methods of tanning have actually been developed by the Greeks and ancient Romans, and are still used to this day, particularly in the Moroccan city of Fez.

Morocco’s fame in the leather industry is incontestable, the finest grades are Goatskin

Leather Treatment The Natural Way 

Tanneries rigorously ensure that all their coloring agents are natural and plant-based: The tannery workers use several natural materials that do not harm the environment for leather treatment, including municipal lime, pigeon droppings and bran.bell pepper or red poppy for bright red, rose for pink, henna for orange, henna mixed with sugar for black, indigo for blue, mint for green, and pomegranate with saffron to create yellow.

Amazing Quality Historically 

Interestingly, there are some references of the famed leather as far back as the late 16th century where Moroccan leather was valued in luxury book bindings in Western countries because of its strength and because it showed off the gilding. It was also used in the Islamic world from an earlier date.

In addition, the quality is exceptional to the extent that when the craft historically became authentic and noble it bared the name of Morocco (Maroquinerie). The leather in Morocco has a long history of originality and craft and its extension in the history of Morocco.


Export of Leather

Europe occupies the first place among markets importing Moroccan leather product. More than 90% of exported leather products are directed to this market, which holds some well-known global signs.

France tops the list of European countries that imports Moroccan leather products, followed by Spain and then Germany, Italy and Britain finally, according to the annual bulletin of the National Assembly of the Leather makers in Morocco.

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