Manal's Boho Inspired Balcony Makeover in Toronto Featuring Our Caramel and Mahogany Poufs

Boho inspired spaces are in trend! and the style is getting popular and our Moroccan poufs fit the design theme perfectly, it's what Moroccan decor has come to represent.

were excited to be apart of the solution to Manal's balcony makeover. The finished project looks amazing. 

moroccan pouf balcony

To help complete the look, Manal decided with Maison Morocco's signature Tan Caramel leather pouf and paired it with our Mahogany brown Moroccan pouf! It's a winning combination, you get two contrasting colors to give you the flexibility in mixing and matching.


tan moroccan pouf

brown pouf closeup

brown tan moroccan pouf 

Love this look! and amazing how budget friendly this makeover turned out!  

moroccan pouf

Hope this can serve some balcony makeover inspiration! Stick with Earthy tones, rustic style with different patterns and natural textures. Manal's balcony looks like a nice cozy spot with relax and let your hair down. 

moroccan pouf boho theme balcony

Check out the full transformation by Manal and some of the other decor pieces she added by watching the video below! 

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