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The Moroccan pouf, a cultural and traditional furniture piece spanning generations, the leather material and stitching exudes a connection with nature and Earth while adding amazing grace to your living space. Poufs are truly synonymous to Moroccan culture. Stitched Poufs are more elaborate and can be used as a statement piece on their own, our poufs are expertly handcrafted by skilled Moroccan artisans, giving each piece unique individuality with a practiced touch that has been passed down from generation to generation. Fine details are incorporated into each piece. From intricate embroidery to the high-quality leather.  Moroccan poufs were originally created to meet practical seating need before becoming a true decorative furnishing item. Guests welcome the opportunity to plop down on the comfy pouf. And it is a perfect way to express your inner world traveler!

Expertly Handmade

Moroccan artisan pouf leather morocco
All Moroccan poufs are made by hand, the poufs are embellished with embroidery and geometric or floral patterns, they are sewn by hand thanks to the learned mastery of Moroccan craftsmanship passed down from generations. Each piece perfectly reflects the emotion and personality of your space through custom details that only come with a handmade piece. Handmade pieces add character through their details and slight variations in color, size, and texture. When you buy an expertly crafted Moroccan pouf for home decor you are adding warmth and longevity that will look beautiful today and for generations to come. Fine details are incorporated into each piece displaying the expertise required to make the Moroccan pouf with intricate patterns and exceptional build quality. Involving an expert team of artisans displaying master hand-craftsmanship and expert precision is a beautiful image. Moroccan poufs can be found in a full spectrum of colors, from playful pink to sunshine yellow and everything in between. Handmade versions are original pieces; no two are exactly alike.

Moroccan Leather

Moroccan Leather Tannery in Fes for moroccan poufs


Moroccan poufs are made with genuine goatskin leather which is pervasive across the country, this leather is also nicknamed “Moroccan Leather”. Much like the vibrant rugs and textiles that come out of Morocco, leather poufs, sometimes referred to as ottomans, are well-made and loaded with dazzling detail. Moroccan leather is known for its durability and longevity, the famed leather has references as far back as the late 16th century for its strength and value. High quality materials are complemented with sustainable and eco-friendly tanning process to dye the leather. No harmful chemicals are used, the leather is dyed using agents derived fully from plants.

Moroccan Leather Tannery in Fes for moroccan poufs

Our leather is dyed using natural agents derived from plants for a Eco friendly and sustainable way of dying the leather. 


The natural plant based dye is safe for the tannery workers 

And for the vegan friendly options, the use of faux leather is becoming more popular, the faux leather gives you the vibrant metallic colors such as gold, silver and bronze.

gold moroccan pouf


Foray in Interior Design

moroccan pouf nursery


The Moroccan poufs have taken the interior design world by storm, their versatility, authenticity along with traditional embroidery adds nobility and exotic flare. They come in different shapes, colors and are handmade with beautiful skill and detail which adds that touch of class and an exotic vibe which flatters any living space. And for a bonus, your space will be graced with a piece that will strike up intrigued conversation and admiration.


Take Advantage of Functionality

Poufs can act as footstools, additional seating, accents, or even place a tray on top and use the pouf as additional table option. Furthermore, they can easily be moved to the side of a room or under a table when not in use while adding majestic flare at the same time. The Moroccan pouf is as versatile and stylish as they come.


moroccan ottoman

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moroccan pouf living room

This combination of functionality, versatility and durability gives you a very stylish and exotic swiss army knife of a furnishing item. All this bundled in one displays incredible value for any person! You can argue it is a money saver in the long run because of the functionality Moroccan poufs carry.  They’re portable, comfortable, so many use cases we would need a list to dot them all down … they will certainly add value to any design or décor themes you currently have in your home.

moroccan pouf table stand

Where to place your pouf? The poufs are perfect for any type of living space, whether it be your home condo, cottage or ranch. You can situate a Moroccan pouf in pretty much any room in the house from living rooms, dens, offices, nurseries, play rooms, furnished basements or sit them outside in your garden or deck.

Great with your design theme

Outside of its beauty and value adding characteristics Moroccan poufs are quite versatile in terms of whichever décor or design theme you currently have in your space.
caramel brown moroccan pouf


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Whether your living space design theme is traditional or contemporary it will check the boxes to suit both! Poufs look especially great in bohemian spaces. Rooms with a mixture of multiple patterns, textures, and styles are the perfect backdrop for a few colorful poufs. They add an additional seating option without creating clutter.


The pouf can sit perfectly in some more modern and western themed design layouts. No matter the decor, the funky, plush, crazy, creative! It offers an amazing complementary accent. We love the way Moroccan poufs look when matched or mismatched with area rugs, furniture, and other accessories.
moroccan pouf caramel brown


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Alternatively, a well-placed pouf can soften angular furniture and fixtures in a modern room. And in traditional spaces, a dark leather pouf hints at time spent traveling and souvenir hunting. Expert craftsmanship is visible in every stitch in the well-worn leather.


You can bring that classic accent into your own living room through a pouf, which can be purchased from our website! We have a vast collection of Moroccan poufs including exclusive designs from our design team.

 If there’s room for one in a tiny house like this, we’re going to take a guess and say you can fit one, too. For condo owners, the Moroccan pouf should be a necessary. The versatility in décor and functionality is what gives you a swiss army knife of décor. So many use cases and the versatility will allow you to save money and save space. Hit two with one stone!

Colour Options Available to Suit Your Design Theme

Caramel and Brown Moroccan poufs

The highly popular Caramel pouf is a very popular choice amongst our customers and a favorite. They are safe option and the color contrasts very well with about any room and design pattern you may have.

Caramel brown moroccan pouf



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Caramel is perfect if you want to add any warmth to the room, the caramel pouf really pronounces the Moroccan style message of authenticity and inner traveler. For a true bohemian look(caramel)
The brown or darker brown options such as Mahogony great for warm earthy tones in your home.


White and Silver Moroccan Pouf
The white is a color of choice for minimalists, modern neutral spaces, nurseries. Poufs are popular in nurseries, and for good reason—your aching feet will appreciate the relief as you rock baby to sleep. The white ottoman would go well with formal lounge settings, modern and elegance. And if you are weary of bright colors? A white pouf looks stunning in a large neutral space. It is perfect for the minimalist.

Buy The Leather White Moroccan Pouf Look


Pink Poufs 

Perfect for your daughters nursery 

Natural Leather 

Maison Morocco's natural leather Moroccan ottoman is a perfect compliment to neutral theme spaces. Styles well with a wide variety of neutral colours or to compliment a soft wooden theme. 

 Maison morocco moroccan leather ottoman natural cream pouf pouffe

Maison Morocco Leather Moroccan Ottoman Pouf Natural Cream
Maison Morocco Moroccan Leather ottoman pouf natural no dye
Credit @Fleur_at_home

Buy our Natural Moroccan Leather Pouf


Vibrant Colour Moroccan poufs For Creative Space
Moroccan poufs can also be a perfect way to splash a bit of colour and culture to any design setting. It is perfect way to offer a run and bright creative space Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Red, Purple can do the job. Moroccan pouf colours are highly customizable you can come up with your own colour pattern as well if you may choose!


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